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Welcome to AfterDeath (AD)
An Elite group for Call of Duty players
We ask for a lot, because we want the best for this group
It's not a clan nor a community that is why we call it a group
If it turns into a community in the future, so be it; but for now we have few members.
Going through communities (BrazenGaming, D4G, XiledGaming, ect.) trying to find the right one
making one ourselves might be the best idea
As we parted from D4G recently
It wasn't for us
We sent our apologies to the leader
they are a really nice gaming community
We are more of an MLG group
We need teams of 4 for scrims, GBs, and more
We will also be keeping track of what scrim team beats which and who the best players during the scrim are.
So if your interested in a really good group; join.
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